About Us

Warm tactile electronic 4/4 tact.

Creutzmann Recordings

was founded as a familiar Techno label by Reiner Kreutzmann aka“Ällispapi” in Bremen, Germany at the beginning of 2018.
It defines itself as an open-minded label focused on releasing quality electronic club music.

Reiner Kreutzman aka “Mielsen” and “Ällispapi” is a passionate music lover, always open to welcoming new artists in his circle, sharing lasting impressions. Reiner has experience in djing and producing for over 25 years. He owned the first electronic techno club in Bremen called “Crash” in 1989.


Feel free to reach out if you have any general questions for us.


For artist submissions:
We are always open to welcome new talents in our circle.
Lets enhance our creative experience!

Please send your tracks only as private soundcloud link via Mail.
please DO NOT send samples as email attachements, or cd´s with post mail.